High-Quality Firewood Splitting Drill Bit for Quick Wood Cleaving


32mm Hexagon Shank32mm Round Shank32mm Square Shank32mm with 3 Shank42mm Hexagon Shank42mm Round Shank42mm Square Shank42mm with 3 Shank50mm Hexagon Shank50mm Round Shank50mm Square Shank50mm with 3 Shank
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Effortlessly cut and split wood with this premium Wood Splitter Screw Cones Bit. Crafted from durable high carbon steel, it’s designed for efficiency and durability, offering swift log separation and increased productivity. Its integral form ensures sturdiness, delivering comfort during use. Compatible with various electric drills, it’s suitable for both soft and hard woods, making it a versatile tool for quick and efficient logging tasks.


  • Swift and efficient wood splitting, saving time
  • Premium quality high carbon steel for durability
  • Versatile usage across different wood types and electric drills
  • Integral, sturdy design for enhanced comfort and impact resistance
  • Ideal for quick log separation and increased productivity

Enhance efficiency with our durable Wood Splitting Drill Bit! Swiftly split logs with premium high carbon steel construction for versatile use on various woods, making woodwork a breeze.

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Additional information


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