Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe Review for 2024

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

When the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe made its debut, it promised innovative design and seamless wood-splitting abilities. A year has passed since its arrival in the wood-chopping scene. It’s time to reevaluate: Is the X27 still the reigning wood-splitting champion or just a fading trend?

The Impressive Features That Broke Expectations

Imagine the X27—a composite fiberglass handle exuding unparalleled durability, the patented Power Wedge ensuring efficient log splitting with minimal effort. Its lightweight construction and razor-sharp blade shattered the notion of hefty, unwieldy axes.

The X27’s exceptional features set high expectations, sparking anticipation for groundbreaking performance.

Testing the X27’s Mettle

Reality versus expectation—over the year, the X27 faced seasoned hardwoods, obstinate logs, and tangled knots, revealing its genuine capabilities.

How the X27 Performed in Different Situations

Splitting Efficiency

  • Small & Medium Logs: The X27 emerged victorious! Slicing through smaller and medium-sized logs—oak, maple, birch—it made the daunting task seem effortless. Its lightweight yet powerful design not only streamlined the process but made it surprisingly enjoyable.
  • Large & Knotty Logs: Here, the X27 faced hurdles. While capable of handling larger logs with some effort, splitting knotty sections demanded more swings and muscle power. For such demanding tasks, a traditional, heavier axe appeared more suitable.

Durability & Design

  • Unbreakable Handle: The fiberglass handle lived up to its promise—no cracks, no flexing—an unequivocal testament to its innovative construction and a substantial win for the X27.
  • Sharpening & Edge Retention: As anticipated, the initial razor-sharpness wore off with time. Regular sharpening became essential for maintaining optimal efficiency. However, the high-quality steel ensured that the sharpening process was relatively quick and manageable.

Assessed and Reassessed: Is the X27 Still Worth It?

The Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe’s performance remains noteworthy, particularly for handling smaller and medium-sized logs with finesse. Its lightweight and efficient design make wood-splitting surprisingly enjoyable. However, when faced with larger and knotty logs, it exhibits limitations, requiring more effort and swings. The fiberglass handle’s durability, as promised, remains unmatched, while the blade’s edge retention necessitates regular upkeep.


The X27 isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a tool that has redefined wood-splitting for many. Its innovative features have introduced efficiency and ease into the wood-chopping domain, especially for less demanding tasks. While not flawless, its unique capabilities still make it a preferred choice for many woodworkers.

X27 Super Splitting Axe FAQs

Several questions often arise regarding the X27’s performance:

Is the X27 worth its price tag?

For those managing smaller logs and prioritizing ease of splitting, yes. However, for those dealing with larger logs or searching for more budget-friendly options, a traditional axe might serve better.

Is the handle truly unbreakable?

While highly durable, no material is entirely indestructible. Extreme misuse could potentially damage the handle. Nonetheless, its robustness and shock absorption capabilities are undeniable advantages.

How crucial is the Power Wedge design?

It notably assists in splitting smaller logs but isn’t a universal solution. Larger logs may require conventional splitting techniques.

Can the X27 be used for chopping, not just splitting?

While it can handle small branches, it’s primarily designed for splitting tasks, not heavy chopping.

X27 vs. traditional axes—what’s the comparison?

It’s not about better or worse; it’s different. Traditional axes offer more power for larger logs but can be tiring. The X27 shines for smaller logs, making it an excellent companion to traditional axes.